Thursday, July 1, 2010

{ collage wall and more... }

My latest project was creating a collage wall. I got this great idea and tutorial here and went to work. I was a little nervous because I didn't want to have a bunch of holes in the wall, but after I got it all ready it was really easy. John hung up the first frame in the middle and then I did the rest on my own. I love how it turned out- no more bare walls! The before and after pictures:

More cards....


And last but certainly not least, this beautiful temple picture....
John and I both worked on this project and FINALLY finished it! It was actually a Christmas present for my parents and this is the 2nd try and thankfully it turned out great! I ordered the kit online here and we had to do all the assembly. It was quite the project, we had to buy a board for the back, attach the picture and put texture over the picture to give it a canvas look. Then John assembled the frame, which is where the problems started. The angles were not cut correctly and when we put it together it had HUGE gaps! So after we had put it all together and painted it and everything, it just didn't look good. So we gave it to my parents for Christmas with a promise that we would redo the frame. We contacted the company and they sent us a new frame, but the angles were STILL not cut correctly, so John used his amazing skills and after a few hours of hard work it turned out perfect! We then painted the frame and attached the picture. So what was supposed to be a simple project turned out to be anything but simple, but very worth it! And most importantly, my parents LOVE it! It's pretty big too, 26 x 32 inches! Quite the masterpiece and it only took us until June to finish it! :) We kept forgetting about it until a couple of weeks ago and then John went to work and finished it within 2 days- he's quite the handy man! (It's his passion actually and he's amazing!) Now if I can just convince him to do another one for us someday!

*Note: If you're thinking about ordering one for yourself, know that you'll probably have to make adjustments to the frame (hopefully not and they are fixing the problem so that it's not such a hassle) and you'll need to use a nail gun plus other tools to assemble the frame. Also, attaching the picture with a staple gun as suggested on the instructions did not work- you need to nail it down. We had to buy the wood backing board, paint, glue and a couple of other things to finish this project- but it was still much cheaper than buying a temple picture at Deseret Book, just more work!