Tuesday, November 11, 2008

{ for Alisha... }

My good friend and old roommate, Alisha ordered some cards from me and I've finally completed them! I tried to keep with the "not-too-cutesy" and sort of "shabby chic" style that she liked. Hope you enjoy Alisha... I had fun creating them! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

{ hair clip fever! }

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to teach ladies how to make hair clips in my parent's ward. I had so much fun teaching them and I think they enjoyed it too! Every one's hair clips turned out fabulous and I'm pretty sure everyone went home happy! After I got home that night I obviously caught the hair clip fever because I made 14 clips before going to bed! My fingers were so incredibly tired after all that gluing, but it was worth it of course! Angie has a lot of flower clips, so I decided to make the "sleek" or "sophisticated" bows (as I call them) just to shake things up a bit! I did make a couple of flower ones too, but mostly bows, something a little different which is always nice! Here they are all finished.. so Enjoy!